U.S. Aerial Academy

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, welcome to US Gym's new Acrobatics program. Finally a program that will allow you to soar through the air with the greatest of ease all while reaching new heights. This program will feature classes of all ages devoted to learning the tricks under the big top. The program is a collaboration of Aerial Silks, Static Trapeze, Tightrope, and for those more comfortable on the ground… Juggling. We are here to enhance your acrobatics experience from watching it to actually being a part of it. Learn to dazzle a crowd from above on our static trapeze, or how to dance weightlessly in the air on our silks, dare to walk across the tightrope, and challenge yourself to juggle more than just your day. You can choose an acrobatics specialty or do a combination of acro courses. All classes are taught in our new state of the art facility. So come one come all and learn how to defy gravity!


Aerial Silks: This course will be taught on two pieces of flexible fabric that connect to a single point on the ceiling. Students will be taught the proper technique of how to successfully perform such skills as foot locks, climbs, hangs, and even wraps, all customized to their skill level.


Static Trapeze: Students will able to test their balance both above or below a stationary trapeze bar while learning different hangs in a variety of poses all fitted to the students strength and skill level. 


Tightrope: Students will be challenged to walk across a rope stretched tightly above the ground, on which they will be taught how to perform feats of balance and showmanship.  


Juggling: This course is designed to teach the ancient art of juggling. Students will start off learning to toss basic objects such as scarves, and then will advance into a more traditional form of the performance art by practicing how to juggle balls and then eventually clubs. Students will learn how to challenge themselves to see how many objects they can handle. This is a also a good way to learn a few impressive tricks to show off with. 

In this program students will improve their fitness and coordination as well as gain confidence as they learn how to safely maneuver the equipment while displaying a variety of beautiful poses. This program is an excellent way to help students have a fun experience while building both strength and flexibility with every class. 

It is strongly recommend that each student wear fitted clothing that allows for a complete range of motion. Coverage (i.e .long pants and sleeves) is important so as to not only avoid contact that may be harmful to the skin but that could also be damaging the apparatus. We encourage not wearing anything such as jewelry that consists of sharp edges, including such pieces that have zippers.