USAIGC is an alternative competitive girls program that we offer at U.S. Gym. This program is designed for individuals who wish to compete in gymnastics without such a lengthy time commitment. This flexibility is what makes this choice attractive and still allows girls to pursue a high level of gymnastics. We offer six different levels of this program that compete at the state, regional, and international levels. Coaches Wellington Cavalheiro & Sarah Koehler have had the success of a World Champion for the past three consecutive years at USAIGC World Championships! 


Mika Tamura, 2016 World Champion!

Congratulations to Mika Tamura, who is the 2016 World All-Around & Beam Champion in the Platinum division!


Gabriella Galasso, 2016 World Champion!

Congratulations to Gabriella Galasso, who is the 2016 World Vault Champion in the Bronze division!