This program is right for your preschooler because it is FUN – kids can run, jump, swing, climb, and flip on ‘traditional’ gymnastics events. We also implement participation on pit rings, trampoline, rope & cargo net, and bouncy houses. Gymnastics creates body awareness and core strength that can correlate to other sports later on. Not to mention the non-physical benefits of gymnastics which include cognitive benefits, confidence, socialization, goal setting, and teamwork! At US Gym your child will participate in an organized lesson plan carried out by a certified professional. These lessons are designed to create a challenging and fun gymnastics experience that incorporate gross & fine motor skills. 


Cheer Pre-K

  • Offered Monday-Friday from 1PM-2PM
  • 3-5 Years Old
  • This fun class includes stretching, tumbling, and small pom-pom motion work!