"I love getting to know each child and creating a fun learning environment for all of them as a group that they will look forward to coming to each week."


Recreation Coach‚Äč

Age : 18

From : Mahwah, NJ

Coaching Experience : 2 years

Aspirations : In the upcoming year, getting accepted into the colleges, I am applying to and decide which University to attend in 2020. In the future, I am working toward studying to become a secondary education math teacher. Down the road, obtain a master's degree and my teaching license.

Fun Fact :  I used to take classes at US Gym, and it was here that I first learned my back handspring. I have a special connection to the gym from being a student to now a coach.


One of my greatest coaching strengths is understanding the children's desire to learn. I had done gymnastics my whole childhood and only stopped 3 years ago. Being so close to sports, I can relate to the kids and have an insight on how to help them best. Especially when they get frustrated or don't want to try a new skill, I know that exact feeling and how to get them over their fears or whatever they may be feeling.


I coach because when I was younger, my coaches had the most significant impact on the person I grew up to be. They influenced me to chose to do gymnastics and cheerleading. I want to be a mentor to children and push them to do their best and learn new skills both in and out of the gym.  


I am young and have the experience to teach your child new and exciting skills. I offer your child a fun and accepting environment to come to each week where they can learn necessary skills as well as finding their passion for the sport. I was a gymnast when I was young and a cheerleader when I become older in my freshman year of high school, so I know the feeling of finding that passion for a sport. I teach my athletes that same passion. Lastly, I can fully demonstrate the skills I am teaching my athletes. This allows me to show athletes the "skill" live and in-person, as well as describing the technique. This gives the kids two ways to learn the skill, which is immensely beneficial.

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6 Leighton Place, Mahwah, NJ 07430

(201) 891 - 2496