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U.S. Gymnastics Alumni

Many of our alumni have graduated and continued on to compete at the Elite and Collegiate levels. We are extremely proud of all of our graduates and consider each individual part of our US Gym extended family. 
Alumni who have gone on to these prestigious colleges:

(Name and year graduated high school)

Bowling Green State University: Samantha Marion (2017)

University of California, Berkeley: Dan Khomenko (2012)

University of Illinois Dylan Kolak (2019), Sebastian Quiana (2016), Eric Uster (2014), Harry McLellan (2014), Vincent Smurro (2009), Austin Phillips (2008), Daniel Ribeiro (2007)

Ithaca College: Meredith Daniels (2010)

University of Maryland: Emma Johnson (2016)

University of Minnesota: Michael Moran (2018), Timmy Kutyla (2016), Tristan Duran (2014), Tim Koehler (1999)

University of Missouri: Danielle Guider (2006)

University of New Hampshire: Chelsea Steinberg (2007)

Ohio State University: Andrew Brower (2016)

Penn State University: Cannon Johnson (2019), Sophia Gilligan (2019), Nicole Kaplun (2018), Favian Valdez (2016), Paul Brower (2016), Mikayla Waddell (2016), Allie Southard (2006), Kevin Donohue (1999)  

Stanford University: David Frankl (2012)

Temple University: Mark Vaccaro (2012)

United States Naval Academy: Henry Greene (2018)


Washington University, St. Louis: Rohan Kansagra (2019)

West Point Military Academy: Liam O'Hara (2016), Troy Pazcoguin (1998)

List of Schools
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