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Meet Our Coaches

At U.S. Gym we strive to properly instruct each student in the basic skills, and work with each individual to achieve his or her potential. Most importantly, we provide a safe learning environment.

We have a world-class staff, which includes many former Olympic athletes and coaches, whom are all well trained and experienced.

  • Bec Ribeiro

    USA Gymnastics Girl's Team 

  • Deanna Maskley

    US Cheer Rebels

  • Lara Sluszniak


  • Matt Foster

    Boy's Team, Boy's Development, Ninja, Recreation

  • Ross Thompson

    USA Gymnastics Girl's Team

  • Jose Teran

    USA Gymnastics Girl's Team Head Coach

  • Rhayane Pereira

    USA Gymnastics Girl's Team & Home Schooling Program

  • Drew Dehart

    Rebels Head Coach

  • Lauren Feijo

    Rebels Head Coach

  • Bucky O'Leary

    Rebels Head Coach

  • Julia Lodato

    Tumbling Coach

  • Genadi Shub

    Boy's Team Head Coach

  • Efim Bogdan

    Boy's Team Coach

  • Ana Deflorio

    Mommy & Me, Preschool, Recreation, Stars & Future

  • Dominick Smojan

    Ninja, Recreation

Former Olympian Owner of US Gym Mahwah
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Owner Former Olympian



6 Leighton Place

Mahwah, NJ

Our sister gym: US Gym@Leonia

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