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Recreational Gymnastics Classes

We offer a wide variety of gymnastics classes, beginning with Mommy & Me and Preschool, all the way through high-school aged classes. Students are placed in each class according to age/ability and will progress at their own pace. All classes are taught using our Skill Progression Program, which is designed to be challenging, yet not overwhelming. We maintain an 8:1 student/teacher ratio to allow for maximum, individual attention.

Preschool gymnastics programs Mahwah NJ

This program is right for your preschooler because it is FUN - kids can run, jump, swing, climb & flip on 'traditional' gymnastics events. We also implement participation on pit rings, trampoline, rope & cargo net, and bouncy houses. Gymnastics creates body awareness and core strength that can correlate to other sports later on. Not to mention the non-physical benefits of gymnastics which include cognitive benefits, confidence, socialization, goal setting, and teamwork! At US Gym your child will participate in an organized lesson plan carried out by a certified professional. These lessons are designed to create a challenging and fun gymnastics experience that incorporates gross & fine motor skills. 

Recreational gymnastics in Mahwah NJ
Recreational Gymnastics

These classes are geared toward helping students learn basic gymnastics skills, work on body awareness and develop confidence in themselves. Our staff will help your child achieve goals at their own pace.  

Advanced gymnastics programs Mahwah NJ
Stars, Future, Champions

After perfecting basic gymnastics skills, students may wish to expand the time and intensity of their training. The Advanced Gymnastics Program gives students the opportunity to train in increments greater than one hour and is structured to give students the opportunity to learn skills with a higher degree of difficulty. Students wishing to participate in the Advanced Gymnastics Program should make arrangements with the office to be evaluated. 

Gymnastics development program Mahwah NJ
Development & Pre-Team

Younger students who show exceptional ability in strength, flexibility, coordination, balance and agility may be invited to our Development, or Pre-Team Programs. Like-students are grouped together to further develop the basics of gymnastics. Most often this program meets multiple times per week in increments greater than one hour. This program is by invitation only. These programs progress to our GIRL'S & BOY'S Teams!

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